Water Is Life – Lessons From Bermuda – Rainwater Harvesting & Storage – By Island City Lab

Island City Lab is a network of civic thinkers responding to the critical urban issues that affect Caribbean island nations. We understand that our cities face very unique challenges and require specific, context-driven solutions. Our goal is to build, foster and mobilize View Post

Bermuda Radio Stations

Irie 98.3 FM  – 34.9K http://tun.in/seYfh Hott 107.5 – 13.2K http://tun.in/sevuq Magic 102.7 – 7.8K http://tun.in/sfe0g Bermuda College  http://tun.in/sfden Vibe 103 FM -14.2K  http://tun.in/seXTY Power 95 – 6.0K http://tun.in/semy4 Ocean 89 – 5.2K http://tun.in/seIHz Inspire 105 – 1.2K  http://tun.in/sfpTm