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How a Long-Lost Perfume Got a 2nd Life After 150 Years Underwater in #Bermuda @AtlasObscura

A team of divers and archaeologists discovered the 19th-century fragrance in a shipwreck off the coast of Bermuda! BY LINA ZELDOVICH JUNE 30, 2020 AFTER AN INTENSE STORM PUMMELED Bermuda in February 2011, the island’s custodian of historic wrecks Philippe Max Rouja went to View Post #Petition “PRESERVE #BERMUDA RECREATIONAL LAND” – [Ex. Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club]

PRESERVE BERMUDA RECREATIONAL LAND Riddell’s Bay Members Committee started this petition to Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Walter Roban, JP, MP and 9 others This petition is signed by those people opposed to the potential change in ”Recreation” zoning of the former Riddell’s Bay Golf View Post